Where is Accutane Still Available?

I went to my dermatologist other day and he said they don't make Accutane any more. Is that true? If not, can you tell me where to go? I live in Los Angeles any number to call would help or an address. Thanks

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Generics are available

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The company who made Accutane has discontinued the brand, however, there are several generic versions that are available. A nationwide system call I-Pledge monitors and regulates patients on these medications. This is mainly because these medicines can cause birth defects if a female becomes pregnant while taking it. You must see a dermatologist to have generic Accutane prescribed, and your dermatologist will register you in the I-Pledge program. Remember to follow all of your dermatologist's instructions carefully while taking this medicine and report any side effects. Accutane and its generics are highly effective in treating severe, cystic acne and can prevent scarring.

Dallas Dermatologist

Only generic Accutane is available

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Roche, the manufacturer discontinued manufacturing Accutane. Fortunately, generic equivalents are available everywhere. Remember to register with I-Pledge and follow all of your dermatologist's instructions. When taken properly, it can eliminate severe acne and prevent its emotional and physical scars. Females must use 2 forms of birth control as per the I-Pledge requirements for registration. Good luck!

Mary P. Lupo, MD
New Orleans Dermatologist
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