Can Accutane Cause Permanent Hairloss?

Thank you for replies. I've been on and off on accutane(40 and 10mg) for almost two years now. My hair now is getting thinner, I can see the scalp especially at the crown part. I'm thinking of taking accutane again since my acne come back due to my irregularities on accutane, but haven't visited my physician again due to travelling. I wonder if it will cause permanent hairloss or my hair wont grow back, I'm 24 years female and am scared of the accutane side effects. What should I do?

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Accutane and hair loss

Hair loss is one of the more noted side effects, but other people say their hair actually grows while on Accutane. If you're having hair loss even when you're not taking Accutane, my guess is that something else is going on and it's not the Accutane, as it doesn't stay in your system that long so it can't have this effect long term. I'd try to get some blood work done and see if it's something else systemically!

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