Accutane and Pregancy?

I stopped taking accutane for 14 days because i thougt i was pregnant, then i had my periods, i started accutane again and ive been taking them for 7 days and found out it was an early pregnancy bleeding can the accutane harm the baby in this situation?

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Accutane absolutely cannot be used during pregnancy due to possibility of severe birth defects

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Please discontinue Accutane immediately and see your gynecologist and dermatologist as soon as possible.  Accutane is pregnancy category X and absolutely cannot be used during pregnancy.  In the US, there is a requirement for two methods of birth control to be used at all times while on Accutane and for two months after Accutane. 

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Discontinue Isotretinoin and see your OB-Gyn

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Isotretinoin should never be used during pregnancy.  Immediately stop your Isotretinoin and consult with your OB-Gyn and prescribing Dermatologist to assess your potential risk and the risk to the baby.

Jeffrey C. Poole, MD
Metairie Dermatologic Surgeon
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Accutane and pregnancy

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Accutane absolutely cannot be used during pregnancy no matter how high or low the dosage is. When taking it as a female with child bearing potential, two forms of contraception must be used at all times. Additionally, never, ever should you use your period as a way to determine if you might be pregnant. Any chances and you should have gotten a pregnancy test done. At this point, I sincerely hope you've already stopped the Accutane, but you must see your physician immediately and discuss next steps. Yes, Accutane harms fetuses and causes irrevocable deformities in many, many cases.

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