Accutane and IPL Treatment Combination Safe?

I am seriously considering IPL treatment for some brown spots on my face and to even out my complexion (I'm 44). I have been taking low dose accutane for two years, 20mgs every week or two depending on outbreaks. Is this safe? Do I need to mention this to my derm?

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Accutane and IPL

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Many physicians or offices will refuse to treat you with IPL if you are taking Accutane and require you to be off of it for 6 months, as Accutane can make you more sun sensitive and therefore, in essence could technically make you more prone to burning from IPL. I will tell you that I treat patients on Accutane all the time (that I prescribe it for!) though I do have a specific regimen they must follow in order to still get IPL done. I don't have any problems with this. But I know that many, many, many doctors don't feel this way and will insist you are off Accutane for a minimum of 6 months prior to any IPL or laser treatments. You should describe any and all medications (topical and oral) that you take to your offices - it's important!

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