Accutane After Fraxel

Almost five (5) months after a series of Fraxel restores, I am still breaking out in cysts especially along the jaw. I am also experiencing enlarged pores and blackheads. In the last two weeks, I have been applying Tazorac with some help. Would a lose dosage of Accutane (10mg-20mg) compromise my healing from Fraxel? Also, I am assuming you could not get fillers (I have none now) while on Accutane. Thanks!

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Accutane after Laser Treatments

Any dose of Accutane is enough to interfere with wound healing. I would certainly talk with your dermatologist or plastic surgeon about your question to ensure that your skin is healed before starting Accutane again. As to fillers, I would not be overly concerned about getting them while taking Accutane, but again, make sure to tell your physician that you are taking Accutane and disucss it with them.

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