Why Would Accutane Work For Me 10 years Ago, and Cause Burning, Flushing, Dryness The Second Time Around?

Having further treatment now age 60 as acne slowly returned. Not so the rosacea which remained very minimal. First 10 weeks at 20mg every two days was fine. Increased to 20mg per day - after four weeks, painful dry eyes, flushing, burning, face looks a mess. Can't understand why it worked 10 years ago and has brough rosacea back now. Not sure where I go from here. Break then lower dose?

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Accutane can flare acne or rosacea initially

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Accutane dries the skin and eyes, and it sounds like you are experiencing this common side effect.  If the main issue is intense dryness, I recommend cleansing with a gentle cleanser and moisturizing with a heavy, noncomedogenic cream.  Eg cetaphil or cerave.  You'll also want to protect your skin from the elements (sun, wind, cold). 

In addition, accutane can cause acne or rosacea symptoms to flare initially.  If you are experiencing more pimples, this will likely resolve within several weeks.

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