Acculift On Neck 17 Days Ago. Very Swollen and Bulging, Hard To Touch and Sensitive/Sore. What To Do? (photo)

I had acculift lipo on my neck 17 days ago. You can see on the photo it is very swollen and bulging. It is hard when I touch it and sensitive and sore. I tried to do some gentle massage but it hasn't helped. I don't think this is normal for 17 day post op when I see photos of other patients during the recovery process. My doctor keeps telling me I need to wait longer, but it looks worse than before surgery and almost feels there is hard muscle underneath. Please advise

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Swelling after neck lipo with Acculift

thank you for posting the pictures. just based on the history and the information u have provided I would highly recommend you must consult with your doctor who did the procedure or perhaps get another opinion to make sure this is not infection. although it is a few weeks post-procedure infection can still occur even 1 month or more post-procedure.  

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