Is Accutane Effective to Prevent Capsule Formation if I Start Taking It the Day of The Surgery?

Hi I am getting breast augmentation today. I used isotretinoin six months ago. I was going to use accutane to prevent capsule formation but I am worried about breaking out in acne. How long should I be in it to prevent this effect and prevent capsule formation. Thanks a lot!

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Not recommended, but ask your surgeon

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Please ask your surgeon about this as I would advise against it. Where did you get the idea that Accutane can help prevent capsular contracture?

Accutane for preventing capsular contracture...??

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Hello, I am unfamiliar with the use of accutane for preventing capsular contracture.  Any use of medication for a purpose that is not described in the package insert is called "off label".  There have been descriptions in the plastic surgery literature of the use of Accolate   which is an asthma medication for this purpose.  The papers demonstrating efficacy are largely anecdotal in nature.  Please discuss this situation with your surgeon.

Accutane and Breast Augmentation

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   You should discuss this idea with your plastic surgeon.  I would not offer Accutane to my patient as a preventive measure for capsular contracture.  Kenneth Hughes, MD breast augmentation Los Angeles, CA

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