I Accidently Smacked Myself on the Side of my Nose! Will This Affect Results?

Hello all, I had my rhinoplasty done 3 weeks ago and today I managed to hit the side of my nose with my hand. My nose definitely hurts more when I touch it now and my breathing on one side has decreased. Help! What should I do?

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Nasal Trauma 3 Weeks After Surgery

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The good news is you probably didn't hurt anything permanently.  Three weeks after a rhinoplasty, things are pretty stable.  Obviously, you want to call your plastic surgeon and follow his or her advice to the "T".  That being said, if you were my patient, I would tell you to put ice on the area or perhaps some frozen peas in a baggie to decrease the swelling.  Is it possible you did some serious damage?  It's always possible, but I doubt it.  This, unfortunately, happens often after a rhinoplasty.  Either you hit it, your child hits it, or something else hits it, and it hurts.

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