Nose Damaged After Accidentally Tripping

Last night I accidently tripped and hit my head and nose on the cupboard.The pain wasn't excruciating & all I could feel was a weird sensation in my two upper front teeth.Also there was no bleeding.I checked my nose this morning & other than the usual swelling that I have had since my revision,I can't see any bumps etc.I am worried though that I may have done some permanent damage that will not be visible until all the swelling goes down. I am seeing my PS in 2 weeks but would appreciate advice

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Bumping nose after revision rhinoplasty

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If you're not noticing any changes to your nose after bumping it you're probably fine, but like you mentioned there may be swelling obscuring some aspect of your nose. Having your nose checked out by your surgeon is a good idea. It's rare to perform any surgery right after such an injury unless there's an obvious deviation/fracture.

Trauma after rhinoplasty

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You never know what kind of damage is done by trauma in the immediate post-op period.  It can be nothing or it can me more than you think.  I am sure that trauma in the post-op rhinoplasty period is not good on any level.  However, most minor bumps do not result in the need for surgery. 

Injury during early post-op

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it is always a good idea to have you surgeon check your nose with an injury - it is rare however that early surgical intervention will be required


Fall after rhinoplasty

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Unless you can see an obvious difference, it is unlikely that you did much damage.  Also it would be more likely to bleed if significant trauma had been done.  But if you would like reassurance I would see your doctor sooner to make sure nothing is out of the normal.  Donald R Nunn MD Plastic Surgeon.

Hitting your nose after a revision rhinoplasty

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Unless there is a significant deviation, deformity, or obstruction after hitting your nose, then you probably did not do any damage to your nose.  Usually nasal cartilages are flexible enough to withstand a moderate bump to the nose, unless you had a major reconstruction of your tip cartilages, in which case the tip construct can be tenuous.  Either way, there is not much you can do anyway, other than to see you surgeon for an evaluation.

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