If I Accidentally Streched too Far Right After a Breast Aug What Would Happen

i was reaching for the recliners lever an i felt pain. the next day the pain increased on one side and decreased on the other. there is no "extra" swelling or bruising. why does it hurt so bad.my augmentation was 4 days ago

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Recovery after surgery

Please go see your surgeon to make sure that all is well since you are experiencing more discomfort and because you had this activity.  Please allow yourself to heal and recover property. Do not over do the activity.

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Sudden onset of pain after breast augmentation

After breast augmentation, the pain should gradually lessen each day. If after any activity you begin to have significantly more pain you should contact your surgeon immediately. The cause of the sudden increase in  pain can range from just irritation of the operative site to displacement of the implant and potentially bleeding.

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If I Accidentally Streched too Far Right After a Breast Aug What Would Happen

Why are you doing any activity at 4 days post implants? Did not your chosen surgeon explain the risks involved. PLEASE see him ASAP to examine you to discuss these issues. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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