I May Have Punctured my Cohesive Gel Implant with the Tip of a Knife: How Can Tell?

I was sharpening a knife while it was held by a mechanics vise.when i released the vise the knife was accidentally stabbed into the top part of my breast. there is a small cut, not much bleeding, but it burns really bad. how do i know if i cut into my implant? I have cohesive gel silicone implants, also what is the cost to have them removed and replaced?

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See your surgeon

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You would have to see your surgeon to have your implant checked, since the cohesive gel stays intact when the shell has ruptured and deflation may be undetectable. Best of luck. 

Cohesive gel...Keep Calm and get an MRI

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One of the benefits of the cohesive gel is the increased cross linking which differentiates it from earlier generation devices. Cohesive gels are more stable than the devices which preceded it. Even when the shell is compromised the gel typically remains within the device.

That being said, the definitive way to evaluate for device integrity is via MRI.

As always, consult with your board certified plastic surgeon to determine if imaging is necessary. 

Donovan Rosas, MD
Kissimmee Plastic Surgeon
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Cohesive Gel Implant Rupture or Damage

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if you have a truely cohesive gel implant then it is likely that you have very little to worry about.  With true cohesive gel the gel will stay in place unlike the older style implants.  The most definitive way to tell if you have a problem is to have an MRI.  Other tests like ultrasound and mammograhy are not very helpful in making a diagnosis.

Brian Windle, MD
Kirkland Plastic Surgeon
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Knife wound to the breast after breast implants

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In the upper area of the breast the implant is covered by the breast tissue, as well as the muscle, and it would take a considerable wound to puncture your breast implant. Infection is probably the greater risk, so keep the would clean and covered. Tetanus update? A leak in the implant can take months to determine with signs of tenderness or drawing and firmness in the breast. Your surgeon may be able to determine is the would is deep enough for worry,\.

Best of luck,


Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Breast implant

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if your implants are behind the muscle it is hard with a superficial cut (but not impossible) to damage the implant. an MRI is the best way to determine implant damage. you should see a surgeon right away to determine what should be done. you most likely have a warranty that not only includes a lifetime replacement of the implant but possibly some monetary compensation as well. cost varies with your location.


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One of the advantages of saline implants is that you know when they're leaking because you lose volume. With gels, it is a bit harder. You would need to get an imaging study - either US, mammogram or MRI. Of the three, the MRI is the most accurate. Cost is really determined locally and by your surgeon. Good Luck!

Brian Klink, MD
Vacaville Plastic Surgeon
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