What would be the most effective method to remove the scars on my nose and face from an accident? (photos)

I have scars on my nose, and some parts of face. It happened due to the accident, which took place in Nov 2011. Since March 2013, am undergoing scar procedures in one of the aesthic clinic. Initially, they gave some laser shots and these days they do only chemical peel on top the scars. I mean applying some chemical paste on the affected parts and letting it dry for 15 minutes or so, and wipe it.

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Scar Management

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Hi Vijayr,
Thanks for your post, and sorry to hear about your accident.  As you know, there are many ways to deal with unsightly scars, depending on the nature and location of the scars themselves.  It’s always difficult to give a complete assessment without evaluating the scars in person, but for the scar on your nose, I’d recommend surgical management in the first instance, probably with serial (i.e. multi-staged) excision, likely followed by a resurfacing procedure.  As for your other facial scars, I can’t seem to get a good view from the photos, but would be happy to comment if you could send some other views.

Best of luck! 
Dr. Alexander

Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon
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