Acceptable Swelling After Breast Implants?

I am 5 days out from my surgery. I had 492cc silcone implants under the muscle. The swelling went down after a few days, but the more I get back to a normal lifestyle, the more the swelling comes back. Is that Normal? Maybe I am overwork when I shouldn' tbe? I'm not lifting, but simple things like typing this or open and closing a door. I came back to work today and they are very swollen. Any information is appreciated...

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Swelling after augmentation

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It can persist but in general, gets better with time.  If you're having swelling that comes and goes, its most likely related to your activities but as long as it goes, its nothing serious.  Talk to your surgeon and get his/her input and follow the post-op instructions provided.  If you're routine, you will end up with a good result.

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Might be normal

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It is expected to have swelling 5 days after surgery and to have it fluctuate in the amount of swelling.  But the best thing to do is to communicate with your surgeon/doctor and be examined to make sure it is nothing urgent.

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Increased Swelling after Breast Augmentation?

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Online consultants will not be able to provide you with as meaningful advise/reassurance as your plastic surgeon will.  In my practice, if a patient were to report that their breasts were “very swollen”, I would want to see them in person.  Therefore, I would suggest that you communicate your questions/concerns with your plastic surgeon.

 Having said that, some  temporary increased swelling can occur,  with increased activity during the first few weeks after breast augmentation surgery.

 I hope this helps.


Swelling After Breast Augmentation

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Swelling that comes and goes is common with over exertion. You should try to take it a bit easier to prevent this from happening. I recommend patients return to sedentary desk work until after at least 5 days following surgery, however depending on their health and medical history, I may recommend longer. You may need to wait a little longer. Please talk to your surgeon for a better estimate. 

Swelling after augmentation mammoplasty

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Hi.  Let's make an assumption that you have seen your ps and your ps has reassured you that there is nothing medically wrong (hematoma, etc).  If so, then we can comment on the normal process.   You are only 5 days out.  This is in the very early part of the post op period and your breast implants will be sitting high on your chest.  It will take time for them to drop. Also, there is swelling from the surgery.  It takes about 3 weeks for you to become a believer that they will look less swollen and more natural but it will happen. I want to emphazise that it is critical that you have your ps know that you have swelling and get reasurrance that there is nothing that is medically wrong. 

Acceptable Swelling After Breast Implants

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Much as this may sound within normal expectations, I am reluctant to offer what could be false reassurance. 

This is a completely appropriate question to ask of your surgeon who knows you, knows what was done, and has followed your recovery.

Best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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Swelling after breast augmentation

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Some increase and fluctuation of swelling can occur with resumption of activity after breast augmentation surgery. Without an in-person exam it is not possible to determine if the swelling you are experiencing is from exertion or if there is something else going on. 

The best advise would be to speak to your surgeon and let them know what you are experiencing.

Eugene J. Sidoti, Jr., MD
Scarsdale Plastic Surgeon

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