Is This Acceptable Result of Treatment: 3/4 of the Teeth Fit Perfectly with Each Other but the Ones Were the Open Bite Was Dont?

My son had class III malocclusion, under bite, and posterior open bite. He had an expander and ceramic braces. At the end there is a mild midline discrepancy on the lower jaw, a slight overbite, and the posterior open bite was corrected. 3/4 of the teeth fit perfectly with each other but the ones were the open bite was don’t. Should I seek additional treatment? He got an unusual wire retainer that has 5mm bite block. What is the purpose of a retainer that keeps your mouth open? Regards

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Some treatment goals are "good enough"

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From the description, a surgical component may have been ideal.  If so, the alternative is not equal, or "two ways to the same result" but simply a different goal.  Hopefully "good enough". 

Often, teeth "settle" and get better over time.

if there was an underlying cause to the original situation (tongue thrust, etc) and the cause is still present, retention may be a challenge.

Class III underbite orthodontic results

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From your description, it sounds like he had a very severe skeletal problem.  Often only surgery can produce an "ideal" result so what his doctor achieved might be a very good result given what he/she had to work with!

Can't really answer the rest of your question without more to your doc!

Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
Saint Louis Orthodontist

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