Why is It Not Acceptable to Use Someone Else's Fat for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

i am considering having surgery on my butt with the Brazilian Butt Lift, but I don't have enough fat of my own for it. I was wondering if I could take some of my mothers I hear you need an identical twin but I'm not understanding why does it have to be that way if its jus pt fat like I just wanted to know will you like break out or something?

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Buttock Augmentation Requires The Use Of Your Own Fat

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Fat like any bodily organ are very individual specific. Tranplanting someone's else fat into you will result in rejection, infection and possibly even death from sepsis.

Fat Transplant

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Transferring on fat from someone other than your own is tissue transplantation.  The body would likely reject the tissue because it would be recognized by your immune system as foreign.  It would probably work with an identical twin because you have the same genes.  Interesting question, but your twin would likely have the same problem and not want to give you any of her fat!  All the best.

Fat From Other People for Buttock Lift

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      The fat, although not as antigenic as skin or other parts of the body, still creates the potential for rejection.  The smallest problem that would occur is that the fat would not live in another person.  Potentially, you could have additional problems.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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