Getting Accent XL and Thermage After Perlane Injection?

I am currently receiving Accent XL treatments and I just had Perlane injected into my jawline. I am due for another Accent XL treatment in 5 days but secondary to the Perlane injection will I need to wait for the Accent XL?

Also, I am benefiting from radiofrequency treatments and am considering Thermage. How long do I need to wait between Accent XL treatments and Thermage?

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Thermage and Perlane

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With any dermal filler injection you are planning, always consult with your provider and discuss your concerns. It may be that it's best to do Thermage, then have Perlane treatment(s), but different providers have differing opinions. I would give the swelling of Perlane some time to settle (2 weeks +), then consider continuing with topical treatments.

Perlane, Thermage, Accent

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Dear Anon, with the treatments that creat injury to the tissue- ablative vs heating, there may be some variability in the result if there is swelling a bruising present. I would wait until this is resolved before further treatments.

The Thermage works by heating the deep layer of skin. With the Accent treatment - the tissues may be changed - thus the result may be altered. Again, would wait one month for the healing.

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Trevor M Born MD

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