How to Determine if an Accent XL Doctor is Qualified?

I'm 42, fit, thin, and have cellulite front and back above the knee. I've been looking for doctors with the Accent XL in North Carolina and there are none! If I do find one in my area, how do I know they are qualified, and have the knowledge to provide a "good" treatment, making it worth doing? Also, does anyone know doctors who offer this treatment in NC or SC?

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Accent XL; How to Determine the Qualifications of Your Physician?

Hi Shellie,

You should be able to go to Alma laser's website where they will have a "locate a physician" feature.

It is very difficult to determine how well qualified your treating physician may be. Look at their before and after photos, make sure that the photos are theirs, and not those of the company by other doctors.

Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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