Why Doesn't Accent XL Work on Everyone?

Why does Accent XL work on cellulite for some, but not on all people? What could be the factors that contribute to the outcome of the treatment? I did some research & 1/2 the postings say this didn't work for them. I'm slim, so not really interested in losing inches, but concerned with cellulite. I don't want to spend the money on this procedure if it doesn't really work for cellulite.

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Why doesnt accent xl

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Accent XL is ultimately a treatment for skin tightening. It  may reduce the appearance of cellulite by tightening the skin in areas where  the cellulite is mild.

The degree to which the Accent XL will help is dependent on the severity of the cellulite and the amount of skin laxity present. 

A procedure such as Cellulaze may be more beneficial to treat your cellulite.

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Accent is not for everyone

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The Accent laser is for very superficial fat and induces collagen tightening. It is not for deeper fat (more than 1 cm deep) so make sure you go to a board certified plastic surgeon who can offer both to you otherwise you may end up having the wrong procedure.

Accent XL ...Why Doesn't it Work on Everyone?

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Hi Sharon,

First I would recommend doing the research through the Alma laser's web site almalasers.com as well as hearing what other people have to say about their experience.

There are variables as to how the people who are reporting their results were treated. What they were dealing with in the first place, how hydrated they maintain their bodies, smoking, diet, medical and environmental factors will affect the outcome.

Consultation, explanation of risks benefits, and appropriate expectations managed through a thorough assessment will also make a difference. Technique and ability of the provider using the Accent will also determine the success of cellulite improvement.

It is extremely important to know how long the provider has been using the Accent, and do they have photos of their own clients, not the company stock photos.

So, now to the question of whether it works on cellulite of a thin person, YES! This is the best case scenario. Volume is slight, and skin tightening takes time. Actual cellulite is ideal for seeing quicker results.

Best to you in your research. Be well.

Dr. P

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