Accent Laser on Thighs Dangerous if You Have Screws in Feet?

Is it dangerous to have Accent Laser on my thighs if I have surgical screws in my feet? I will not have the Accent treatment on my feet, but I heard that Accent can build up a dangerous electrical charge if the doctor or patient are wearing metal.

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Accent XL Treatment; Is it Safe to Treat Thighs if There are Surgical Screws in the Feet?

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Hi Happy Woman,

We want to keep you happy. Accent XL treatment of your thighs should be fine.

The energy will not travel that far. The danger is not an electrical charge, it is related to the metal absorbing the energy and causing a burn. This will occur if the hand piece is in close proximity to the metal.

6-10 inches should be very safe (that is the distance of the treatment tip from your surgical screws, not the 6 to 10 inches that have been known to make some women happy related to a different type of screw).

As you are a happy woman I will assume that the distance between your thighs and feet is greater than 10 inches (not to say that very short people are not happy).

Good luck ,be well, and share your happiness.

Dr. P

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