Do I Really Need Accent Laser After Laser Lipo?

I had laser lipo combined with Vaser 1 week ago and was told by my physician to get a package of Accent laser treatments to help smooth out the contour and prevent lumps/bumps. I see some current lumpiness above the belly button but am wondering if I really need additional laser treatment or if I just need to wait. There are many posts here about massage being effective for lumps but I'm feeling pressured as my physician said the Accent would be most effective if started around post-op day 21.

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Options for smoothing out skin after lipo

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Laser, VASER, now Accent? While I do recommend Accent treatments, it is impossible to make a recommendation in your case without knowing more. If there is good skin tone to begin with, then any version of liposuction with or without additional technologies should give a good result. The problems arise when there is some skin laxity and patients are sold on the idea that laser lipo will help tighten the skin. The amount of tightening is minimal. Accent or Endermologie or any of several other options may help.

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