Accent or Endermologie for Cellulite?

I have cellulite my whole life. For 9 years, I was embarrassed about the dimples on my legs. Now I'm 22 years old,  5'1ft tall and weighing 97 pounds. I'm living a good lifestyle; I work out 5-7days a week; but I still have cellulite--hard cellulite.

I've done Endermologie before without any result. I been doing Accent laser. After 9 treatments, the results are minimal. The therapist can't believe that I don't have better results. I still think Accent is a good treatment but should I give Endermologie another shot? Maybe with a new therapist such as my Accent therapist who also gives Endermologie? Or will it be safe to combine the two? Summer is only 6 weeks away! Any advice? Please help.

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Many options but no perfect solutions for cellulite

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When someone figures out a truly effective solution for cellulite that works well on everyone, it will be big news. Endermologie was the first but only gives temporary results. Accent is a good technique so I would stick with that if you are making any progress. There is another option, the cellulite tip with Thermage, and I have had some good results with that. Unfortunately, no amount of exercise or diet will help much, except that having too much fat does make cellulite worse. But even thin and athletically fit women can have cellulite.

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I am not surprised that you have seen very little improvement for cellulite using Endermologie or Accent. Any improvements with these treatments, if any, are minimal and short in duration. To date there are no good treatments for cellulite. There are promising treatments on the horizon, but much of the time this is just hype. Have you visited with a board certified plastic surgeon who could evaluate your situation and offer any solutions? Many doctors doing the Endermologie or Accent are not plastic surgeons and have little experience in total body contouring.

Theodore Katz, MD, FACS
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