One Lumineer on one tooth?

my from tooth is nonvital and hence it's quite darker than the rest. I used to bleach it internally and it worked for some years until it didn't. since my tooth is very slim, doctors told me that the only way to add a crown is to screw it in, which is not very advisable. I'm wearing braces now and I noticed that my nonvital tooth is going toward the back a bit faster. so an idea came to my mind. can I use lumineer for only this tooth without the need to take away anything of it.

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Veneer for a vonvital tooth

Go to a different dentist and have her/him evaluate the tooth. If that tooth has had root canal therapy, I would recommend a full crown to provide strength and match the color of the other teeth in your mouth. If a dentist recommended screwing a crown in, you may be speaking about a totally different situation but without x-rays or Picts, I can only guess. 

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