How long does Buttocks Augmentation take to heal?

How long do i have to wait before sitting,laying down on my back,wearing tight clothes like jeans.and in the first week after the process do i get to wear clothes or i have to b naked all d time

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Recovery from buttock augmentation

First 2 weeks is the most challenging with swelling, tightness, and discomfort, therefore, loose fitting comfortable clothing is recommended. Also sitting is prohibited for these 2 weeks. Patients may return to work after 2 - 3 weeks as sitting and basic daily activities become easier. After 2 weeks patients may sit for up to 30 minutes at a time, 3 weeks for an hour, and at 4 weeks unlimited.  At 3 weeks patients can resume upper body exercises while standing only, at 4 weeks upper body exercises while seated may be added.  By 6 weeks, all restrictions are lifted as life nears normal again, all exercise (including squats and lunges) and sports may be resumed again. 

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How long before sitting?

Sitting after buttocks augmentation is dependent with surgery:

1)butt implant 4 weeks

2)fat grafting 1 week

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