How to make sure the implant brand is what I ask for? 22ys old mom and I'm planning to travel to Prague for BA.

I have send videos and pictures to highly reviewed surgeon (However, he is not AmericanBoard) working in highly reviewed clinic. After this "tele-assessment" we agreed on the date, prices, and what be included. However, in BA, he suggested to use Nagor. I asked for Mentor he replied "directly" that he can do it with price increase. I don't know why this selly point keeps nagging in my mind; I'm kind of afraid he may use Nagor and telling it is Mentor. How Ds usually prove this to the patients?

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Breast implants

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If you asked for a specific implant he would either need to order the implants or he has them in stock. I would ask him to show you the box(es) if you are concerned. You will also get the paperwork/ implant information afterwards. If he is a reputable surgeon, I am sure he will do everything possible to put your fears to rest. Good luck!

How to make sure the implant brand is what I ask for?

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Assuming you have chosen your plastic surgeon carefully, and communicate your goals/preferences carefully,  then there is likely not much to be concerned about.  In other words, reputable plastic surgeons will not use one type of breast implant and tell you that they used another.
 You will likely find (again confirm with your chosen plastic surgeon), that you will be provided with a identification card associated with the specific breast implants utilized.  You should keep this identification card in a safe place for future reference.
 Again, best to communicate your preferences carefully (repeat email is necessary); this is especially important if you are traveling and will not be seeing your plastic surgeon a few weeks prior to surgery for a preoperative visit.   Best wishes.

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