Juvederm - Absorption & Time

i have a 2 part question: what i need to know is after say 1 year, does ALL of the facial filler (juvederm) get absorbed back into the body? or can some filler linger & remain? and #2: what about the bluish/dark tint juverderm can leave when injected too superficially? does that too go away over time or must the person get the enzyme injections to dissolve it? i am going on 9 mo. with my juvederm injections & it's not going away. and unfortunately what remains are little lumps & bumps & blue!!

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Juvederm - duration of effect

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Hi Nicolav. Juvederm is a hyaluronic acid filler. To answer your questions: 1. Yes, all of the Juvederm should be absorbed. 2. The bluish tint that you notice may be related to a well-described light-scattering phenomenon termed The Tyndall Effect which can be related to superficial injection technique. In that case, the filler may take longer than usual to entirely resolve, although complete resolution is still expected. Good luck.

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Juvederm can last a long time in areas of little movement.

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The problems your are having can be easily resolved by an experience injector of this type of filler.  Vitrase (hyaluronidase) will dissovle the Juvederm or it can be removed with a needle and gentle massage in the ares where it is still visible.  If you use Vitrase, it may dissolve all of the Juvederm, whereas the needle extraction may preserve the desired benefits of the filler.

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Absorption Rate for Juvederm

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By a year all Juvederm should be gone, however a very superficial injection may persist a little longer. The blue is usually blood remenents from  superficial injection technique. Should resolve on its own and if not you may need some IPL laser treatments. See details and information below.

Duration of Juvederm

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Typically Juvederm in non dynamic areas of the face will last anywhere from six to twelve months. If you are unhappy with lingering Juvederm after 9 months my suggestion is be patient and wait until it dissolves sponstaneously. Also I would suggest you show your results that you are dissatisfied with to your surgeon for their evaluation.

Steven Hacker, MD
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Juvederm does dissolve over time

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Juvederm does dissolve over time. The "9 months to 1 year" is a average, and it can last less or more time in some clients. The bluish coloration is typically the filler, and this cam be treated either with some hyaluronidase OR releasing with a scalpel "nick" or large needle puncture, (both of which tend to heal without leaving much or any scar).  Find a practitioner whom does a lot of filler and they should be able to advise you on what would work best with your situation and expectations.

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