I tried to remove my really dark black mole with apple cider vinegar. The mole is on the side of my nose.

It's more bigger and more noticeable as i got older but it's there as long as i can remember. It took almost a week for it to develop a scab. And when the scab fell off, the mole is still there. Same size and color as it was before. Maybe it's real pigmented that it grow underneath my skin. The mole is only slightly raised. I was wondering if i chose to remove it professionally, can the dermatologist get it off with the least scarring or will it leave an indent in my face...

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If you are concerned about a dark mole on your face, you should see a well-trained plastic surgeon to evaluate and possibly remove it.  A plastic surgeon will do his/her best to minimize the scarring, but where there is an excision, there will always be a scar.

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