Smart Lipo to Abs: Can the Incisions Only Be in the Belly Button?

I will be getting breast augmentation and smart lipo in my upper and lower abs in a few weeks. My dr told me today that their will only be two incisions for my smart lipo procedure--both incisions will be in my bellybutton--at 3o'clock and 6 o'clock.

Most of the reviews I've read on smart lipo include incisions beyond the bellybotton area but i'm not sure if that's due to the areas they're getting getting done. Will I get optimal results by going with only 2 incisions thru my belly button?

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"Where's the Best Place for SmartLipo Incisions?"

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I strongly believe that the determination of where to place incisions is critical to the final outcome of SmartLipo.  I try to customize location based on area to be treated and  the amount/location skin laxity or looseness.  I then try to make my incisions were I feel "cross-hatching" or criss-crossing will help optimally tighten the skin.  I do try to place incisions in discrete areas and along lines of least tension to allow for improved post-op cosmetic appearance. 

Generally, I feel just using the belly button area is limiting and causes more pain and discomfort post-operatively.

Windell Davis Boutte, MD, Medical Director, Premiere Dermatology and Surgery, Lilburn, GA

Liposuction and numbers of insertion sites

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Typically, liposuction is taught to be done with multiple insertion sites so that an area can be more evenly reduced by approaching it in different directions. Possibly the doctor you saw gets great results in their hands of doing the surgery with only two periumbilical insertions but I would favor several additional sites.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Cross hatching approach

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Smart lipo or liposuction in general involves multiple incisions to create cross hatching.  If liposuction is performed in one plane only, the results are not as effective in my opinion.  Talk to your doctor about this issue and ask them how they plan on getting cross hatching with only an umbilical approach.  When you get a chance, please post your after pictures.  I would be curious to see the result with only a belly button approach.

Dr. V, South Shore Plastic Surgery

I wouldn't recommend it!

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While anything is possible, it would look very bad in my opinion if you did.  If you are doing true tumescent liposuction your surgeon will be using a cannula the size of a sippy straw, so the holes will only have to be about that size and no larger.  That is why tumescent (and many surgeons say they are doing that type, but they are doing anything but that!) anesthesia and method is so important when choosing who to do the procedure.

Normally, I would place about 6 very small incisions around the abdomen and two in the belly button area.  Afterwards, they would usually be nearly invisible.

Most folks think that SmartLipo is the whole deal, but that simply isn't true.  Just owning a laser doesn't mean you know how to do something as complicated and important as tumescent liposuction of this area.  Good luck!

Smart Lipo to Abs: Can the Incisions Only Be in the Belly Button?

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As a Smart Lipo Trainer and using the new TRIPLEX unit, I agree in very few cases the umbilicus can be the site for the 2 incisions. But from viewing your posted photos I would strongly recommend 4 lateral 1 mm incisions (2 upper/ 2 lower) so the "cross Hatching" effect can be accomplished. Thus providing you with that optimum result. 

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