Lower Abs Extremely Hard and Lumpy After Lipo

Had my lipo done about 6 weeks ago. My lower abs are extremely hard, lumpy, and uneven. When does this usually subside? How long should I wait before I talk to my PS about it and maybe have it re-done? I am very frustrated and unhappy, but I don't want to be jumping the gun if this is normal.

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Always feel free to talk to your surgeon about what is going on--that is what we are here for

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You are actually at that point after liposuction were you will be the firmest and the most lumpy bumpy. This is called the granulation phase of healing. The area can fee rock hard and lumpy. This usually gets a bit worse until about week 8 after surgery and then it begins to soften.  In time the area will soften and eventually return to its normal texture with resolution of the lumps. This can take a couple of months from where you are at today. Don't curse your surgeon for this lumpy firmness, it is completely normal. TIme is all you need for this to resolve so don't spend your money on unnecessary service that may or may not speed up the resolution of this firmness.

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Hard and lumpy after liposuction

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It has only been a short while after liposuction and too soon to consider revision. Give it time to maximally soften and conract. Some patients undergo external ultrasound, endermologie and Velashape to soften hard or smoothen lumpy areas.

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Firmness after liposuction

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Firmness 6 weeks after liposuction is fairly normal. This usually softens with time but can be hastened with massage.

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