Stretch Marks on My Breasts. What Are My Options? (photo)

I've had two kids which have destroyed my breasts. The sad part is that in spite of having a 6 pack and being quite pretty, my breast make me feel incredibly unattractive and unfeminine. Is there anything that can do done about my terrible stretch marks? Will implants make them worst? Is it possible to get a lift and have the skin with a majority of my Stretch marks removed? Is there any help for me?

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Will implants make my stretch marks worse?

Your stretch marks should not worsen with breast augmentation, and there may be some improvement in their appearance since stretch marks look a bit better when the skin is "filled out" than when the skin is loose and wrinkled. A breast lift will not remove any significant number of stretch marks...your breast is not that overhanging, so there is not that much skin to remove, and not in most of the areas where your stretch marks are prominent.  You would benefit from a periareolar breast lift with a circular scar around the areola to reduce the size of your areola, mildly lift the breasts, and make the breasts and nipples lie in a more symmetrical position, and this would give you the best result if you fill the breasts out with implants at the same time.  In regard to the stretch marks, it is possible that laser treatments may help resolve the redness, although they will not make the marks themselves disappear.

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Stretch marks on breasts

Implants, depending on their size may make the stretch marks more prominent for a while and then they will fade again.  Overall, the impact from the implants should be minimal.  Depending on where on the breasts the stretch marks are, a lift may get rid of some of them, but you would be trading the stretch marks for scars, and perkier breasts.

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Some stretch marks on breasts are difficult to correct


A breast augmentation will increase/improve the volume of your breasts and a purse-string mastopexy (donut lift) will reposition and resize your areolas and in so doing will remove some of the stretch marks that are in the vicinity of the areola.  Unfortunately there does not yet exist a way to permanently remove stretch marks without cutting them out.  Since you have relatively small breasts that have a moderate to significant amount of stretch marks most of these cannot be removed by a breast lift type procedure.

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Stretch Marks on Breasts

Hello. A Breast Lift may be able to remove some of the stretch marks and help the appearance of the stretch marks, but there is nothing that you can do to completely get rid of them.

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Stretch marks on breasts

Unfortunately, stretch marks are scars and scars are permanent and cannot be erased. They can be excised but that leaves surgical scars and depending on the location, that may not be an improvement. Implants which add fullness (as long as they are not so large that they stretch the skin even more) can sometimes make stretch marks less noticeable. And if the shape is more attractive then there is less reason to pay attention to the stretch marks. Good luck to you.

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Breast stretch marks

Adding more breast volume (augmentation) may decrease the appearance of your stretch marks...a lift will remove some, but there is no way to remove them all. A lot of what we do in plastic surgery is illusion....a bit more fullness, lift and areola reduction can be done together as an augmentation mastopexy procedure and result in a more attractive breast despite the stretch marks.

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