Abnormal TT Scar and Possible Necrosis - 7 Days Post Op? (photo)

Is this a normal TT scar? Mines seems very bunched and rippled and it looks completely different from the ones I see here on the site that are straight and smooth. Also, could these black spots be the beginning of Necrosis? I am 7 days post op in the pictures.

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This is not an abnormal scar or necrosis.

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Your scar irregularities will continue to improve and will mostly if not completely resolve over the next weeks to months. Full scar maturation takes between 6-12 months and you should avoid ultraviolet exposure (sun or tanning bed) during that entire time to avoid hyper pigmentation.

Bunching and rippling is pretty normal at 1 week post-op; most of our patients have the same thing early on. Scar revisions would be common if these thing persisted; fortunately, the tension relaxes, the sutures dissolve, the tissues heal, and the scar softens and fades to a remarkable degree in the vast majority of patients.

Necrosis occurs with inadequate circulation to the healing tissues, most commonly in smokers, but rarely in others who are not exposed to nicotine or second-hand smoke. You are not yet completely healed, but circulation (based on your photos) appears adequate to support the normal healing process. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

No sign of necrosis at this time

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The pictures you posted appear to mshow normal healing at 7 days after a tummy tuck.  Bunching and rippling are fairly normal early on in the healing process and tend to smooth out over time.  Check in with your surgeon for reassurance.

Michael S. Hopkins, MD (retired)
Albuquerque Plastic Surgeon

How Does My Abdominoplasty Look One Week After Surgery?

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The good news is there is no sign of any problems at this point.  The little black areas that you pointed out in your suture line and around your belly button are of minimal to no concern at this point, and should improve and then vanish over the next few weeks to a month.  The pleating at the outside of your incision is due to your surgeon's attempt to shorten the suture line, and these pleats normally vanish with time. 

Aren't you glad the Real Self website exists?  Everyone has similar worries at this point post-operatively.  The good news is that all of your Real Self team of plastic surgeons agree there is no sign of necrosis and your 7-day post operative appearance would indicate things are going very well and should only get better.

There is a natural depression built in after any surgery, but certainly after a cosmetic surgery.  It has to do with a combination of pre-operative anxiety, anesthetic chemicals that hang around the body for awhile, and post-operative concerns which seem to peak at about 5-7 days.  You will feel much better emotionally as your body begins to heal, as the swelling goes down, as the anesthetic chemicals are removed from your system, and once you are able to move in a more natural fashion.  Give it a couple of weeks.  I promise you will feel better.



Concerned 7 days after tummy tuck

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Take a deep breath - everything looks ok. There is surgical glue over all of the incisions which is hiding a lot of the actual scar. The glue can take a good 3-4 weeks to come off. There is nothing that looks like necrosis from your photos. Also, it is way too early to judge what it will end up looking like. Too much swelling now. Hang in there and return to your surgeon for the best care.

Abnormal TT Scar and Possible Necrosis - 7 Days Post Op?

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Based upon your posted photo you appear as a very acceptable EARLY healing incisions and bb. Best to see your surgeon in person to discuss your issues. 

Pleating after abdominoplasty

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Thanks for yor pictures, you do have some "pleating" on the lateral aspectos of your scar thaat will improve with time. It is hard to know by picture if your belly button is having any problem and you should be seeing your plastic surgeon regularly.

Tummy tuck scar healing

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You cannot conclude that a scar is abnormal seven days after surgery. It takes a full year for the healing to occur. I do not see evidence of necrosis. You should continue to followup regularly with your plastic surgeon and comply with postop instructions. Good luck.

Wrinkles will smooth out

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Thank you for the photos.  The wrinkles near your incision lines will go away and will look smooth in several weeks to a month or so.  The darkness that you are seeing appears to be some dry blood at the incision line covered by dermabond (essentially crazy glue).  All in all, it looks like you are healing well.

All the best,

Dr Remus Repta

Remus Repta, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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You do not have necrosis

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Your incision lines look fine for early stage after surgery. Your surgeon will be a good person to help you with recovery and scar care. 

You are too early after surgery to have nice smooth scars

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It's is too early after the surgery to see the final results.  Your scars look fine and will settle down within 3 months after surgery.  There is no necrosis that I can see in these pictures.

Be patient and follow up with your surgeon

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