Abnormal Mammography Results Two Days Before BR?

Got a letter re mammogram today. Said abnormal and need additional tests. My PS also received the results, presumably last week. I'm 40, no known risk factors for breast cancer My pre-op appt tomorrow and surgery the next day, Friday, 1/18. I've talked to the hospital for preregistration, the PS's office several times, etc but no one has mentioned the mammo results. Could my PS be considering going forward with BR despite mammogram results? Is that typical/acceptable? .

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Clarify Mammogram Results Prior to Breast Surgery

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I would strongly recommend clarifying the abnormality on your mammogram before proceeding with a breast reduction.  After breast reduction, it will be more difficult for the radiologist to interpret these abnormalities since the surgery itself can change the location of breast tissue and can cause internal scarring.  Breast cancer can occur in patients without any risk factors so it is extremely important to make sure any imaging issues are cleared up before elective breast surgery.  Good luck and remember you must continue to get yearly mammograms!

New York Plastic Surgeon

Abnormal Mammogram before Breast Reduction?

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 I think that you will be much better off discussing your concerns with your plastic surgeon, as opposed to online consultants.  Obviously, a mammographic abnormality  that requires additional  work up,   may end up causing your breast reduction procedure to be postponed.

 Best wishes; hopefully you will be able to have the procedure performed soon and  be very pleased with the  outcome of the breast reduction procedure.

Mammogram results need to be investigated

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All elective breast surgery needs to be delayed until the results of the mammogram and any subsequent treatment of those results is completed. NO IF ANDS OR BUTS!

Breast Reduction and Abnormal Mammography Results

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    Anytime there is a concern with a mammogram, the breast reduction surgery should be delayed until an effective treatment or evaluation regimen can be formulated.  You may need an ultrasound or other additional imaging. 

Abnormal Mammography Results Two Days Before BR?

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Agree completely with other responders.  Reduction mammaplasty is an elective procedure that should be put on hold at this time until mammographic finding is further clarified by additional studies and/or breast biopsy.

Abnormal mammography before surgery

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Yes, you should work up the abnormal mammogram first before having surgery. Speak with your surgeon and radiologist.

Abnl Pre-op Mammogram- BR

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 Yes, you should be concerned. Request to speak with your surgeon regarding your mammogram results. If they do not respond, cancel your surgery.  Best,


Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS

Gary R. Culbertson, MD
Columbia Plastic Surgeon

No breast reduction with abnormal mammogram.

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The mere fact that the radiologist says additional tests are required means that you need to postpone your breast reduction.  Most of the time this kind of mammogram report indicated that they need to rule out breast cancer.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Abnormal mammogram needs to be dealth with BEFORE breast reduction

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There are many things that can constitute an "abnormal mammogram" ranging from benign finding to issues that are suspicious for breast cancer.  These must be evaluated and dealt with before the surgery. Unless they are obviously benign findings, your surgery might need to be postponed.

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