Abnormal Facial Symmetry In Cheeks. What Do You Recommend? (photo)

To make a long story short i have what i perceive to be abnormal facial symmetry due to facial exercises i did when i was younger. I isolated one side of my face and excercised it extensively for months because i had chubby cheeks and wanted to get rid of it. As a consequence after i lost weight and my cheeks naturally became slim.. one side changed (bigger it seems) and it looks completely different from the other side. What can be the course of action in terms of plastic surgery? Thank you!

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Abnormal Facial Symmetry In Cheeks. What Do You Recommend?

 If you are under 18 years old please share this answer with your parents.  Your facial exercises had no effect on how you face appears at this moment.  You always had a smaller left cheek which is evident in the more recent photos.  The degree of cheek asymmetry is certainly not severe and if you desire cheek augmentation once you're 20 or older this can be done using Perlane....or through cheek implants.  

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Facial asymmetry options

First I'd like to suggest that your exercises are not likely the reason for the asymmetry. So try to stop blaming yourself. It is much much more likely that this was genetically determined and would have happened despite anything you did. 

Facial asymmetry is normal and present in all people. The reason is that your face develops from 3 separate paired processes that wrap around and meet in the middle during embryonic development. Often the meeting is not perfectly midline and an asymmetry results. 

I know this to be true since I have researched and published extensively on facial asymmetry and it's significance in crooked noses. This work led to the foundation rhinoplasty technique and the use of the subalar graft for tip straightening. 

In your case it looks like the buccal fat pad is large. There may also be a cheek bone asymmetry. In both cases it can be corrected. The right side can be helped with a buccal fat extraction. If the left cheek is flatter an implant can help to correct it. Perfect symmetry is not likely to result. 

Hope this helps. All the best

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