Is ProFractional Laser Ablative or Non-ablative?

Is profractional by Sciton nonablative or is it an ablative laser? I get so confused when it comes to profractional fraction or fraxel.

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Profractional is ablative

You are right to be confused byt the word Fraxel and ablative or nonablative as this is a marketing choice by them to have some ablative and nonablative lasers all called Fraxel then they add words like restore of repair.  The fraxel is a brand with many different laser types under it like  Ford automotive has  an Explorer and an Taurus and a Mustang, etc.  All different, yet all Ford's . So the Profractional is an ablative erbium yag laser which has been proven to heal faster and carry less risks of unwanted side effects than other ablative lasers using the carbon dioxide platform (CO2). So when picking a laser you do need to know whether they are ablative with some downtime or nonablative with no downtime or for many still with some downtime they call bronzing of the skin as it flakes off.

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Profractional treatments are ablative

Profractional is a brand of fractional lasers created by Sciton.  These lasers are ablative and do a phenomenal job for scars if used properly.

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Profractional is ablative-- but fractional

Ablative indicates that tissue is vaporized by the laser.  Profractional is a mode of ablative fractional erbium laser resurfacing with the Sciton laser.  "Fractional" means that instead of treating 100% of the surface area  (which means slower healing and more downtime)  a portion of the surface area is treated with each laser session-- for example 22%.  The untreated microscopic areas of skin provide for the more rapid healing seen in fractional resurfacing.


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