Can a Non Ablative Laser Damage the Epidermis (Of a Patients Skin)?

If a non ablative lasers energy is too high then would the thermal threshold of the epidermis be surpassed leading to slight/ mild epidermal damage (despite the lasers goal being to stimulate dermis tissue)? I understand the cooling device is there to help control heat and provide comfort for the patient as well, however, with high levels of excess heat this would not be able to cool tissue enough? (In extremely rare situations)

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Ablative injury from nonablative treatments

Absolutely.  The skin can be burned with any nonablative technology if used improperly!  Also some devices with IPL functions that I had used in the past can deliver inconsistent energy levels which also increases the chance of epithelial injury and burn.  This is one of the main reasons that I use BBL(broadband light) by Sciton.  In my opinion it is the best quality cutting edge tachnologyg and is extremely customizable to specific patient needs.


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