Are There Any Lasers That Are Safer When You Suffer Dry Eyes?

I had blepharoplasty over a year ago, however the healing is a bit ragged and left noticeable scarring. I want to do something to improve the scarring, however since the surgery I now have dry eyes. I have been told that only lasers will help with the scarring, however I want to take the minimum risk possible and not exacerbate my condition. Are there any lasers (Non-ablative or Ablative) better than other in my predicament and should it be done in one session or at a lower power over several sessions.

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Laser resurfacing of eyelids with chronic dry eyes

Most laser treatments, and chemical peels that help smooth out texture by resurfacing and collagen rearrangement may induce contraction of the skin thereby pulling the skin down further away from the lower eyelid exacerbating the chronic dry eye problem. If there is a red slilghtly raised scar as opposed to a white mature scar, then the V-beam, 595nm. laser, may reduce this type of scarring with less risk of contraction as it does not affect the collagen in the dermis nearly as much as Fraxel.  If Fraxel is performed, there is less contraction expected from using the Fraxel Restore than  Fraxel Repair laser.

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Lasers and scar treatment

Lasers to treat eyelid scars can be ablative or non-ablative in nature. Non-ablative lasers have minimal risks and are best suited to help fresher scars soften up by decreasing the associated vascularity or redness to the scars. They can also potentiate or help with collagen stimulation. The ablative lasers are better for sanding down and smoothing out the scars. It depends upon the appearance of your scar as to what would be the most effective.

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