I am 7 weeks out of surgery from a Tummy tuck. I am worried I tore my abdomen muscles. Any suggestions?

I was playing around with my husband without thinking he throw me over his back!! I was hurting!! I need to know what are the sings to be worried about after a tummy tuck with abdomen tears?

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Tummy tuck recovery

Thanks for your inquiry, but without an exam it is hard to advise.  It is much harder to tear your muscle repair at seven weeks then say two-three weeks, so that is good.  If might see a visible bulge, or not.  Please go see your plastic surgeon to be evaluated and good luck.  

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Thrown over husband's back 7 weeks post tummy tuck

Always good to send along photos.  Things happen in the post operative course, but one really needs to be careful after surgery.  it is a process that can take a year to heal.  Each board certified plastic surgeon has their own peri-operative instructions.  That said, things to look for include;  swelling, pain, drainage, contour irregularity, etc.  I would suggest seeing your plastic surgeon and getting checked out.

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Consult with your surgeon

Thank you for the question.  It would be hard to assess your situation without an in person examination and without knowing you surgical history.  It would be best to consult with your board certified plastic surgeon about this to be on the safe side.  Best of luck, Dr. Michael Omidi.

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