Doctor Recommendation for Rhinoplasty in India

My Name is Abhishek from India.i Want to Go Through Rhinoplasty Surgery As my Nose is Big and Has Excess Skin. My nose became quite large when i started pressing it.i thought that i will be moe pointed but all in vain..My nose became more bigger and now has excess of skin.i wanted to know that can rhinoplasty help me to remove that excess skin from my nose and make it look shaped and pointed? My age is 17 years.Can i opt for rhinoplasty at this age? I will be highly highly obiliged if u could tell me the best doctor for reshaping big noses to small and more sharper Specially in india. REGARDS

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Rhinoplasty in India

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Rhinoplasty is a very complicated procedure and difficult to get consistently excellent results and, therefore, you are wise in taking your time to find the best.  You can narrow your results by looking for a surgeon trained in both Otolaryngology and Facial Plastic Surgery.  A double trained surgeon has extensive training and experience in the functional and cosmetic aspect of rhinoplasty surgery.  You can start your search by exploring the European Facial Plastic Surgery Society at     Then, ask for before and after photographs.  You want someone who has at least 30 that they can show you.  Best of luck,   Dr. Phil-

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