Advise me Please what type of operation I should go for PRK or LASEK (20mm) or LASIK ( 2mm)?

On 10 June15 I got my eyes checked for Distance vision i.e. my Right Eye - 2.0 & Left eye - 1.75,Both eye corneal thickness 464 each, and its number has increased in 18 months TIME for Right eye from - 1.50 to - 2.0 and Left eye -1.25 to - 1.50 Where as in 2010 it was Right Eye - .5 & Left eye - 25. I do not have any Diabetic or any other eyes related problem. I'm 18 yrs 8 months of age and have to apply for Government job where eyes are to be required 6/6.Advise me

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LASIK vs LASEK in thin corneas

Your corneas are thin, so LASEK would be a better choice in my opinion. It is very important to make sure the corneal topography (curvature) is normal and not irregular preoperatively. Regarding your stability of your refraction, per the FDA you are stable enough to undergo surgery (they recommend no more than 0.5D of change per year). You are having small changes which could continue post-surgery (they may not). If they do, down the road you might develop some nearsightedness once again, and require additional LASEK treatment.

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