How soon can I take a 12 hrs flight back to Africa after getting Liposcultpting done?

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How soon can I fly after a lipo?

This will depend on how many liters you had removed, as anemia (low red blood cell count) can occur.  Also, when travelling for 3 hours or more, you must move your feet and legs, walk on the plane, drink lots of water, use compression socks, etc... All of these measures I recommend to all my patients in order to prevent blood clots.

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Flying after surgery

The risks of flying after surgery are too high for the first 2 weeks.  The most significant problem is the risk of deep venous thrombosis (DVT) in the legs that can move to the lungs and may be fatal.  We suggest that the patients refrain from all flying for 2 weeks after surgery.

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How soon can I take a 12 hrs flight back to Africa after getting Liposcultpting done?

Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided information as well.. This is the surgical procedure that revolutionized cosmetic surgery becoming one of the most performed cosmetic procedures. Subcutaneous tissue or fat is removed in order to contour the body in a way that is harmonious and pleasing to the senses. It can be performed in almost all regions of the body such as the neck, chin, abdomen, back, buttocks, thighs, arms and ankles. Usually done through a small incision in the skin through which a cannula connected to a vacuum is applied, it can be performed alone or in combination with other procedures. After liposuction your body is going to be really swollen for at least 2 to 4 months after your surgery. It is important for you to wear your compression garment for at least 6 months, the first 3 months 24/7 and then the last 3 months at least 12 hours per day for your body get use to not having the faja for so many time. When you remove it, your body can get swollen and also you can have pain. Remember to also compress your body to prevent a seroma which is an accumulation of liquid that has to be drained, it is hard to touch and also really painful. Bruises are completely normal for almost 3 months from surgery, that’s why is better for you to use a bruising cream and apply it all over your body 3 times a day. To prevent bad circulation and swollen legs, use compression socks. Brazilian butt lift can be performed with the same procedure and for a month it will be swollen and it will drop a little bit without losing it’s shape if you use your garment.. If you’re going to perform liposuction on your inner, outer, anterior, lateral, postetior thighs, be careful and consult with your surgeon what’s best for you, sometimes we have more extra skin than fat, that can cause severe sagginess on our legs, which can be only be reversed performing a thigh lift…

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Thank you for your question. SculpSure is a fantastic option for you because it provides less recovery time than Liposculting. SculpSure would allow you to fly to Africa 1-2 weeks after surgery at maximum. I suggest that you consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon.

Best wishes,

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Traveling after surgery

This will depend a lot on how extensive was the lipo and what is your general state in the time of travel. Long flights predispose to the formation of blood clots forming in the legs. It can also happen when performing a surgery such as liposuction. For this reason you should take prophylactic precautions before, during and after the flight. These precautions will be:  wear anti thrombotic socks at all time, take sufficient water, use some injectable molecule to prevent clot formation before the flight, walk and move your legs. 

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#Liposuction - How soon after can I take a 12 hrs flight?

It depends to a large degree on exactly what you're having done, and how extensive it is.  In general, the larger the procedure, the longer you should wait before flying.  I would generally advise waiting at least a week after the smallest procedure, and correspondingly longer as the extent of the procedure increases.  The final determination should be made by your own board-certified plastic surgeon, who will be the only one to know exactly how much surgery you've had done, etc.

There are many potential concerns, ranging from blood loss to fluid shifts, to swelling of the lower extremities and an increased risk of blood clots with prolonged dependent and/or increased compression of the legs.

Speak with your PS but, as a general rule, allow at least a week for the smallest of procedures of the upper portion of the body, and more depending on what and where it's being done.

I hope that this helps and good luck,

Dr. Alan Engler
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Flight back home after liposuction

with my VASER hi definition procedure patients have to wait 10-14 days before going home. traditional approaches can likely be okay 3-7 days after . But I would suggest speaking to your physician depending on what it is you are having done.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Back to Africa after liposuction

You can travel back after liposuction as early as a few days; This is because liposuction does not have extensive incision lines that require postoperative management.

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It would be best to wait for at least a week, preferably two.

It would be best to wait for at least a week, preferably two, following liposculpture before taking such a long flight. This will allow you to stay near your doctor so that they can make sure you are healing well, and will also reduce the risk of blood clots forming during your flight. During your flight, make sure that you get up and move around periodically as well.

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Liposculpture / Liposuction/ Hi Definition procedures

I appreciate your question.

I would recommend that you discuss this question with your surgeon.  Your surgeon is your best resource as he/she is most familiar with your medical history and how you will be healing following surgery.  I have my patients stay in town for 10-14 days before flying.

The best way to assess and give true advice would be an in-person exam.
Please see a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in aesthetic and restorative plastic surgery.

Best of luck!

Dr. Schwartz

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