I have really bad credit and I'm 21. It wasn't my fault but it's my name. Is there any way I could do a pay as you go?

I don't have the credit to apply for financing and neither do I have anyone to cosign for breast . I'm stuck in a hard place right now

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Is there any way I could do a pay as you go?

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Thank you for your question and I am sorry to hear of your credit problems.  With aesthetic surgery all costs must be paid up front through your own financial means or through the use of a financing company such as CareCredit.  As the latter seems unlikely you can ask your surgeon's office if you could make weekly/monthly payments towards your procedure and once paid off pursue surgery.  Hope this helps.

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Financing options for cosmetic surgery

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There are several options for financing a cosmetic surgery procedure.  CareCredit is excellent, but if you cannot get financing from one of these credit institutions, we do accept payments over time before the surgery and then when all of the money is received you can have your procedure.  Many patients like this option so that they're not tempted to spend the money.  :)

Thank you for your question!  Dr. Schreiber, Baltimore plastic surgeon


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Thank you for your question. Unfortunately unless you have access to a loan or the money required to pay for a surgery upfront, you won't be able to seriously consider booking one just yet. Each Plastic Surgeon will have their own financial policies and you can inquire about in house payment plans available if you wish.
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