Abdominoplasty Vs Getting Pregnant

I recently got a abdominoplasty and now I am pregnant within 1 month of the surgery. Will the surgery impact the baby delivery? Will I be able to deliver the baby normally and will my abdominoplasty last as it is or will it need to be re-done

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Pregnancy after Abdominoplasty

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Pregnancy after tummy tuck should be avoided and  I do usually advise my patients if they are still planning on having more children to wait until they are finished  having children before planning an abdominoplasty. It is best  to maintain an ideal weight for a period of six months following the surgery.  Unfortunately, it can happen  that you unexpectedly become pregnant  after your tummy tuck, like yourself.  

The tummy tuck procedure results in less skin on the abdominal wall which means there will be less skin to stretch during pregnancy. The pregnancy will cause more stress on the skin and this usually goes beyond capacity of the skin. This situation again leads to stretch marks and more damage to the skin.

The resulting problems usually lead to the necessity for additional surgery to fix the developed problems. It should not have any effect on the delivery of the baby, however, I would be sure to discuss your previous tummy tuck concerns with your OBGYN.  Congratulations and Best of Luck.

Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon
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Pregnant after abdominoplasty

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Most women have normal pregnancy after having undergone tummy tuck.  You will likely need a revision tummy tuck after delivery as pregnancy "undo" the outcome of tummy tuck.  You should also let your Ob know that you had a recent tummy tuck.  Best Wishes.

Abdominoplasty and Pregnancy

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Your pregnancy will affect your abdominoplasty results.  Pregnancy stretches the abdominal wall and skin.  The abdominoplasty should not affect your pregnancy and subsequent delivery.  The best candidate for abdominoplasty is a patient who has completed her family, in good general health and has a stable weight.

Good Luck

Dr. ES

Abdominoplasty and Pregnancy

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If at all possible a Tummy Tuck should not be done in sexually active women who do not practice effective birth control or those who have not yet completed teir families. A pregnancy will undo much of the shape achievements of a Tummy Tuck. 

Your gynecologist needs to be aware that you had a Tummy Tuck and communicate with your Plastc surgeon. It is unlikely that he will be needed at the time of birth but the operative note of the Tummy Tuck should be placed in your gynecologist's record. 

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Pregnancy after Abdominoplasty?

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Congratulations on your pregnancy;  hopefully it will be smooth  and as “painless” as possible.

Generally, patients are able to have normal pregnancies after tummy tuck surgery. However, I have heard anecdotally from patients and OB/GYN physicians that the abdominal wall can be very tight and that some OB/GYN's recommend earlier delivery if possible. Check with your own OB/GYN for his/her experience in this situation.

Depending on the weight gain/loss,  changes in skin elasticity,  genetics etc.  revisionary surgery may be necessary after the pregnancy. This is a situation where only time will tell.

In the meantime, enjoy your pregnancy and hopefully a healthy infant,

Best wishes.

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