Abdominoplasty Scar Removal?

I'm 24 and will likely undergo an abdominoplasty after having lost 150lbs. I know there is a pretty significant scar but I've never heard about anyone subsequently undergoing a scar removal procedure to reduce the appearance. Is this ever done? Are they concerns? The scars might be preferable to the lose skin but being so young the thought of having such a long unsightly scar for the rest of my life is sobering.

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Laser scar removal

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Lasers are very effective at both reducing the redness and textural changes associated with surgical scars.  I perform vascular laser treatment (PDL or KTP) at the time of suture removal.  Depending on the degree of scar atrophy or hypertrophy, I will then initiate laser skin resurfacing (ablative or nonablative).  The key for successful laser scar revision is to start early with the right laser systems. - Dr. Keaney

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An abdominoplasty does necessitate a long scar across the lower abdomen so when I perform a tummy tuck I place the incision carefully so that it can be hidden with underwear or a bikini.  How unsightly the scar becomes depends on how your body heals.  With time most scars will fade on their own, but after a year or so a revision of the scar could be possible.  However, a scar can never be completely removed but the appearance of the scar can sometimes be improved through excising the scar and then performing another complex closure.  Scarring is an unfortunate consequence of having surgery so it can be a very important factor in a patient’s decision to have surgery.  Be sure to research for a board certified plastic surgeon that has experience working with massive weight loss patients like yourself.  Using a board certified plastic surgeon can lower your risk of excessive scarring because we are specially trained to perform tummy tucks and other cosmetic surgeries.  Congratulations on your weight loss!

Be well and good luck!


Scar after Tummy Tuck Surgery

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Thank you for the question and congratulations on your successful/significant weight loss.

You're correct in that the downside of the tummy tuck  procedure is the presence of a long scar. However, as you know scars do tend to fade with time and can be concealed well in undergarments and swimming suits.

On the other hand, given the amount of weight loss you have experienced,  the upsides of the tummy tuck procedure  are numerous;  these include removal of excess skin and adipose tissue as well as tightening up the abdominal wall muscles that spread with weight gain/loss.  Most patients who undergo this procedure appreciate the improvement in contour and are willing to accept the presence of the scar. If this card does spread or heal abnormally thin scar revision surgery may be helpful. The use of silicone-based products on the fresh incision line may also be helpful to minimize the appearance of the scar

Make sure you are working with a well experienced board-certified plastic surgeon  to help you achieve your goals.

Best wishes.

Abdominoplasty scar

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Clearly, the procedure you are contemplating, like nearly all procedures, represents a "trade-off": Removal of your excess skin must be worth the prospect of a permanent scar for you to proceed with surgery. Scars do fade with time, and they become part of you, just like the excess skin is now part of you. Work with your surgeon to be sure location, configuration, and length of scar are designed to remove as much skin as necessary, yet remain concealed beneath clothing and swimsuit styles you are likely to wear.

Steve Laverson, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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