Abdominoplasty; I Have Nerve Damage from Either Polio or Myotonic Dystrophy. How Might This Affect the Outcome?

I am 50 w/children 8 & 12. current size at 5'6" & 185 lb. I had polio or have Myotonic dystrophy (EMG) & deg disc. I was active until 1/2009. W/3 preg’s, my ab muscles are too weak & fitness much reduced w/back pain. I swim but getting harder. Considering the tuck primarily to tighten ab muscles (core strength) & reduce size. I can’t find info on HOW disease affects outcome of abdominoplasty. Immune system a little over active(don’t get sick), but worry about seroma related bursa sac. Would like opinions from PS w/patients w/issues.

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Abdominoplasty outcome likely to be disappointing in patient with Muscular Disease

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Hi there-

Tightening of the abdominal muscles will only work to improve the appearance if those muscles have normal muscle tone.

In other words, because the dystrophic muscle diseases slowly deprive the muscles affected of their ability to contract, and also of the tightness they normally have even at rest, repairing them as we do in an abdominoplasty is very unlikely to give you an improvement in your appearance.

Further, because of the explanation above, repairing the muscle separating is also unlikely to improve your core strength, as in your case this is likely most limited by your muscular dystrophy, and not so much because of the muscles' separation.

I'm sorry I couldn't offer you more hope, but I would hate to see you have a pretty big operation if it was unlikely to achieve your goals.

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