Still Have Pain and Swelling 1.5 Years After Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty 1.5 yrs later It's been sometime now since my surgery and I am still in a lot of discomfort from sternum to pelvis. I had a seroma develop right after the surgery (2nd week) and had been dealing with it up to the 11 month post surgical. The seroma had changed to a bursa, Nothing has been done about it. In the AM as soon as I get out of bed the rib cage/abs area is level and ideal. Within 3 hrs swelling begins from top of abs to pelvis. By end of day I lay down to deflate. I am always hurting, Why is this so ?

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Pain 1.5 years after tummy tuck

You may want to discuss this with your surgeon. It could be a neuroma which could benefit frob excision.

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Tummy tuck and seroma

A seroma doesn't go away or deflate.  How was the diagnosis of seroma made.  Was there an aspiration that reveal straw colored fluid or was an ultrasound or CT performed?  Seromas are fluid collections.  They do not resolve and come back based on your position.

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