Abdominal Skin Tightening for Older Women (Age 72). Could It Cause Any Problems?

My 72 years old mother have serious abdominal skin sagging problems that causing her serious skin problems due to skin foldings. It is obvious that she need an abdominaoplasty operation to get rid of the excess skin. Can her age be a problem? She had a thyroidectomy operation 5 years ago. Can it cause problems in general anestheisa? Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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Abdominoplasty Scars

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From your description it sounds like your mother needs only a panniculectomy, not an abdominoplasty. Older patients are at more risk so if she wants to proceed with this, get an examination and clearance from her primary doctor before seeing a plastic surgeon. The thyroidectomy is not an issue as long as the thyroid hormone level in her blood is normal.

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