I Had Abdominal W. Reconst. and a Mini TT. 4 Wks Later, I Can't Stand Up Straight?

5'3. I had abdominal w. reconst. and a mini TT. 4 wks later, I can't stand up straight? I think they pulled my muscles WAY too tight. What kind of recovery to stand up straight again can I expect? I have such a short torso now.

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Mini Tummy Tuck

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At 4 weeks, this is not the norm, but you should be getting more upright every week.  Talk with your surgeon and ask for advice as he/she knows what was done.

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Tummy tuck recovery

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Thank you for the question.

Unfortunately, what you are experiencing is quite common after tummy tuck surgery. I think you'll find that you'll be able to stand upright with the next 2 to 4 weeks. You may however feel quite “tight” for up to a year after surgery. In some ways, staying flex at the waist is helpful to keep the incision line as fine as possible.

Continue follow-up with your plastic surgeon. Best wishes.

Tight after tummy tuck

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Don't worry, If you think you are tight now, imagine what a twin pregnancy does to your abdominal muscles! Unlike most fabric and metals, human tissues stretch out with time and accomodate to altered tension. It is almost impossible to be too tight. (Actually no, too tight is when the whole repair ruptures in the first few days after surgery.) Things will even out with time leaving you with a svelt abdomen and little if any discomfort.

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