Abdominal PAIN and Other Problems 3-mos Post Op - Normal or Cause for Concern?

Upper ab hurts since week 4; cannot go w/o the binder wrapped tightly for support. Very painful if I go w/o - get light-headed and headaches. Area above naval feels strange, like I can feel a tendon in there, and the areas above and to the sides of naval hurt. Cannot sleep on my side as I will wake with a burning pain in the hip. Above left buttock I get a very painful pinching during sleep that awakens me. I moan in my sleep when I toss in bed. There is a burning in my front thighs in the morning.

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After Tummy Tuck Concerns

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Your symptoms at this point in your tummy tuck recovery are not typical and you seem to be having more problems that most. Although it is only one month after surgery and it takes most tummy tuck patients a full three months to feel whole again, some of our symptoms are not common. (burning pain in hip and buttock) If a focal point in their location can be identified, steroid injections may be helpful. 

Unusual pain syndrome after an abdominoplasty

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It does sound like you are having more problems than usual.  Most of your pain seems to be centered around sensory nerve entrapment.  Since your pain has persisted for this long it is time to be examined by your plastic surgeon.  If a focal area of pain can be identified it is possible that you would benefit from steroid injections if this is a dyesthesia you may benefit from several different types of medication.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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