Abdominal Muscle Tightening with Pelvic Reconstruction Surgery

I am having pelvic reconstruction surgery and the doctor was already going to be tightening my lower abdominal muscles, so i asked him if he would also tighten my upper abdominal muscles too and he has agreed but I cannot afford a tummy tuck so to speak which would remove the excess skin.. so my question is how will the tightening of my abdominal muscles help? especially without skin removal. Will my stomach still get flatter?

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Tummy Tuck

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The skin will be loose still, but the muscle will be better.  Your upper abdomen may be flatter if your muscle separation is large, but your skin may be loose.

Muscle tightening without skin removal=saggy skin

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If  you are having both the upper and lower part of the abdominal muscles tightened, beware that it may make your abdominal skin appear "saggier" than before.  It may be prudent to have the reconstruction surgery and heal from that surgery first, save some money, and go for a proper tummy tuck at a different time.

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