Is Abdominal Bloating & Constipation Normal 2 Weeks After CoolSculpting?

I had my procedure almost 14 days ago. Ever since the procedure (one #8 on lower abdomen below my navel and two #4's diagonally on either side of my navel), I have had abdominal bloating and constipation. I have changed nothing in my life - from my healthy diet to daily walking exercise and stretching. I'm concerned about this and wonder if it's normal or should be reported?

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CoolSculpting for fat reduction and bloating as a result

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Bloating is not unusual. Sometimes, the intestinal tract slows down when it experiences trauma. Although the intestines don't get sucked into the CoolSculpting machine during fat reduction treatment, there is a chance that the intestines feel the suction over the muscle wall and they slow down. 

Regular exercise, drinking water, and eating fiber helps. Please speak with your physician to make sure you're ok.

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Abdominal bloating 2 weeks after Coolsculpting?

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Yes, yes, and yes!!!

I am a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and had the procedure preformed on myself.  I was bloated and quite uncomfortable for two weeks.  I was also concerned and frustrated at 2 weeks.  Usually my patients start to get relief between two and three weeks.  Itching ensues for the next few weeks and then results become apparent at 9 -12 weeks. I went through this process myself and could not be happier! And better yet, I would do it again!!

Jennifer L. Harrington MD

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